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What our customers say about Kustom Koozies

Anne ProsserAnne Prosser
20:43 07 Aug 22
Ordered Koozies for my sons grad party and it was really easy to custom design them on the website. I procrastinated and used the rush order option and they were done and ready for pickup so fast. Quality was great as well, Will definitely use them again.
Carmen Gurley CarrollCarmen Gurley Carroll
15:32 23 Jul 22
I ordered some of the koozies. Great product! Easy to order. They even called to let me know that the ink I selected wouldn't show up well on one of the colors and let me pick a different color. Fast delivery and they were exactly as I ordered. Thank you!
Gravity of YouthGravity of Youth
19:41 18 Jun 22
Placed this order and couldn't be happier with the quality of product received. Timeliness was exemplary on their part and service was impeccable and consistent. Highly recommend to anybody looking for custom logo-printed Koozies.
13:21 20 May 22
I have used this company well over a dozen times and have always been 100% satisfied !! Their customer service is very knowledgeable and you get to speak to a real person. The quality of their products are top notch.They are always willing to help with artwork. Which for someone like myself, that isn't that computer savvy, is a huge plus. I. would highly recommend this company and personally would not use any other.
Dylan CoxDylan Cox
23:19 23 Apr 22
Kustom Koozies did a great job from start to finish. Their prices were the best I found and they also crushed a last minute deadline. When they noticed I had not approved the proof they sent over, they called me as a friendly reminder just so they could stay on schedule. They even hand wrote a nice note for our occasion. Will definitely order from them again! Thank you guys!

Kustom Koozies

Kustom Koozies is a leader in printing KOOZIE can coolers and assorted drink coolers since 1998.We print Wedding KOOZIEs, promotional items, wine wraps, solo cup wraps and more.  We do not print cheap products, and are proud of what we produce.  We are here for all your promotional needs including t-shirts, screen printing and embroidery..

Kustom Koozies was started in 1998 out of the spare bedroom of a house in Raleigh, NC. The owners had a love for can coolers, and wanted to order 200 for their wedding. The minimum order at that time was 300. Realizing there was a niche for small orders for birthday parties, tailgates, fantasy football, batchelorette weekends, weddings, camping trips, baby announcements, funerals, and cruises they started this company.

Over the years, the company has grown. It is now a 6,000 square foot print facility and supports over 6,000 weddings a year. We are fortunate that our customers come back year after year. We make sure we deliver quality products in a timely manner. And we care about our customers.

Wedding KOOZIEs are a big part of our business.  We have tons of great graphics that are totally wedding oriented.   Many of our customer start with us as we print for their wedding.  We often are part of their bachelor or bachelorette party.  And then the relationship continues as we are part of their anniversary, halloween, christmas, reunion, birthday parties and baby party.  Most of our customers tell their friends.

Please choose the beverage insulator style that works best for you.  We do not have set up charges.  Fun note, these are called stubby holders in many countries.

Remember, it’s not koosie, koosies, koosey, kooseys, cozy, coozys, coozey, coozeys,
coozie, cozies, coosy, coosys, coosie, coosies, coozey, coozeys, cozy, cozys, cozie or cozies … it’s ! KOOZIE®

is a

Koozies, those handy insulating sleeves for beverages, may seem like simple accessories, but they offer several valuable benefits:

  1. Temperature Regulation

    Koozies are excellent for maintaining the temperature of beverages, keeping them cooler or warmer for extended periods. In hot weather, they prevent condensation and maintain the chill of cold drinks. In colder climates, they insulate drinks, preventing them from getting too cold too quickly. This feature enhances the enjoyment of beverages, ensuring they remain refreshing or comforting depending on the circumstances.


    Beyond temperature regulation, koozies provide protection for beverage containers. They act as a barrier against accidental spills, reducing the likelihood of stains or messes on surfaces. Additionally, koozies help prevent damage to bottles or cans from bumps or drops, extending the lifespan of the container and potentially saving money on replacements.

    Customization and Personalization

    Koozies offer a canvas for personal expression and branding. They can be customized with logos, designs, or messages, making them ideal for promotional items, party favors, or personalized gifts. This versatility adds value not only in practical use but also in marketing and personal connection, as they can be tailored to suit specific occasions, events, or preferences.

    Overall, koozies may seem like simple items, but their combination of practical functionality, protection, and customization potential makes them valuable accessories for both personal and promotional use.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between scuba foam or Fabric and Neoprene

Great question, fabric has a fabric covering and neoprene is the scuba material. Fabric fits cans well and neoprene because it stretches fits cans and bottles well.

Fabric is less expensive and is very popular for give aways.

Neoprene is our most popular for weddings.

neoprene versus fabric koozies

What happens if I submit multi color art on a single color ink product?

Well,  things just go crazy.  Basically your order goes on hold until we figure out if you want your art converted to single color ($20.00 fee), or your order is switched to a full color product.  Please select a multi color print for this.

Full Color Print Koozies Koozies - one color print

Can I use copyrighted material?

We do not take responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce logos, trademarks, and copyrights.  By agreeing to print the artwork you submitted, you, the customer are taking responsibility for any copyright infringement issues under any circumstance.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to working with you.

What is the best can cooler for a White Claw, Michelob Ultra or Skinny can.

Well good news folks.  We offer our Slim Can Cooler for this.  it is the perfect fit.  We like the Neoprene Slim Can Cooler which is made of neoprene (stretchable material) and also have a Fabric Slim Can cooler which is a little more budget friendly.

slim can koozies

What happens with re-orders?

Good news here. If you re-order within a year of your last order with the exact same design, we take $15.00 off of your order.  Makes it very easy to do re-orders.

How Accurate Are Colors?

Colors will look different on different monitors and phones.  We do our best to make them as accurate as possible.

Due to various monitor settings on your computer the colors of this piece may look slightly different in person from what you see on your screen.  We do not make any guarantees on color.  If color matching is extremely important we recommend ordering Sample Pack

Even ordering a sample pack may not be the 100% accurate as the next shipment from our supplier may be a little bit different.

What is the best Koozie Material?

We are a little biased, but most of our customers  feel the same way.  Neoprene is the best material for Koozies.  Neoprene Koozies are made of scuba like material.  Why is this so good you ask?

  • The neoprene material is the same as what is used for wetsuits.  So it stretches a bit and goes back into shape.  This product fits cans and bottles very well.
  • The sewing is on the side, so it lays flatter.
  • The material is smoother than other materials, so a finer design can be printed.
  • It is very durable.

Scuba foam, (which is a fabric material) is the second best, it is a little less expensive, so is great for a give away.

Hard foam is still popular, and then there are the alternative offerings, leather, wood, steel, etc.

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