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Discover the perfect blend of keeping your beverages chilled and your message sizzling with Kustom Koozies! As pioneers in offering KOOZIE Can Koolers in small quantities worldwide, we empower you to make a splash at any occasion, be it a product launch, wedding, bash, or family gathering. Get in touch with us for any queries – we’re here to elevate your experience.

Did you know? Around 65% of our orders are for weddings, and we absolutely relish collaborating with our cherished wedding clients.

Our journey began in 1995 with a simple desire to personalize KOOZIE Can Koolers for our boat. However, the hefty minimum order of 200+ wasn’t feasible for us. Fueled by determination, we spent two years tinkering with techniques until we unlocked the solution. From screen printing in our spare bedroom to now boasting a team of 14 and a 6,000 square foot facility, our idea gained momentum through word of mouth, leading to soaring demand. Today, we’re humbled to be featured in various publications and to serve a multitude of loyal customers.

Guided by the golden rule, we prioritize transparent pricing, impeccable service, and genuine kindness – values that strike a chord with our amazing clientele.

Beyond KOOZIE Can Koolers, we’ve expanded our repertoire to include custom T-shirt printing over the years. If you’re seeking personalized T-shirts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Philosophy:

Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated.

Whether you’re new to our fold or a returning patron, we extend a warm welcome or heartfelt gratitude. Surprisingly, approximately 35% of our day-to-day business comes from repeat customers, a testament to the enduring appeal of our offerings. We’re truly grateful for your continued support.

How to Contact Us:

Manager:  Julie@kustomkoozies.com

Customer Service: Julie@kustomkoozies.com
Art/Production: art@kustomkoozies.com

All Other: Bob@kustomkoozies.com

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Kustom Koozies is also very good at screen printing t-shirts, hoodies, any type of garment and embroidery. We handle all of those items in house in a timely manner with great quality and price.

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