A day in the life of Kustom Koozies

A day in the life at Kustom Koozies.
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We are like the little engine that could. No quit, and happily getting your can coolers out to you on a daily basis. How do we do it? Here is a little look at daily life here at Kustom Koozies.

7:00 am Production Manager starts burning screens and getting the stock ready for the press operators to print.

7:30 am Operations Manager does initial check of new orders, looking for rushes.

8:00 am One Graphic Artist goes through emails from overnite, looking for new approvals. (Once approved, we want to get it ready for production)

8:00 am Website team works on making sure Kustom Koozies is relevant and looks for opportunities to streamline the ordering process.

8:00 am Second Graphic Artist starts outputting proofs to go do dark room for creation of screens.

8:00 am Outside sales representative goes online with Bold-Chat, and starts responding to email requests from future customers and past customers.

8:00 am Finance department starts processing payments and making orders current. Pays bills, and performs internal audits.

8:15 Production Manager Assistant ensures that all presses have everything they need for a full day of production. (ink, tape, setups, block-out)

8:30 First Press Operator is running product.

8:30 Second Press Operator is running product.

9:00 Third Press Operator is running product.

9:00 First Graphic Artist is creating proofs for customers of new orders.

9:00 Second Graphic Artist is going through all emails, replying as necessary and updating proofs.

10:00 Shipping department starts quality checking and packing orders.

11:00 Fourth Press Operator is running product. T-shirts and can coolers are being produced at an unbelievable rate.

11:00 Shipping department backup starts quality checking and packing orders.

8:00 – 6:00 Art is being created, updated and resent. Emails are being replied to. Can Coolers are being printed, quality checked and packed. Press Operators are double checking all orders for quality, and making sure they are printing the right color combinations. Production Manager is making hourly checks of all departments  (Press Operators, Dark room, graphic arts, shipping department, Screen cleaning and reclaiming department) to make sure there are no bottle necks in the system. Shipping Department is proofing and packaging. Website team is updating on a daily basis.

12:00 – 2:00 Somehow everyone squeezes in a much deserved lunch break.

2:00 Production Assistant starts cleaning screens, and applying emulsion to get ready for the next day.

3:00 Production Manager does a supply check and arranges for ordering of new supplies.

4:00 Last minute rush of approvals are processed, proofs printed, screens burned, stock picked and printed.

5:00 Fed Ex Ground arrives to pick up all ready orders.

6:00 UPS arrives to pick up orders going out UPS

6:00 Art Department makes sure there are enough proofs ready for Production Manager in the morning.

6:45 Fedex Express arrives to pick up orders.

6:30 Shipping Department head sends out emails regarding shipments of the day.

7:00 Shop clean up, make sure screens are ready for next day. Thank God for another great day and opportunity to serve our customers!!

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