If you are not comfortable designing yourself.  We can do the legwork for you.  Select your product below, then fill out information and we will create your art.  We will email you a proof to approve.  This is an easy way to create your design.

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Design process.

This is a pretty easy process.

Select the type of KOOZIE brand can cooler or other can cooler.

You will come to a page where you can select your product color and your ink color.

Let us know if you would like your design printed on one side or both sides.  Just note that second side design is .20 more per piece to print.  You can put the same design on both sides, or create a separate design for the second side.

If you need us to edit or create your design, select $20.00 art fee, and we will do that.

You can do multiple product colors.  You may want 25 red, 25, royal blue, 25 black and 25 dark green.  We charge a one time mix fee ($10.00) to go pull all the individual colors.  If you do select this make sure your ink will show up on all colors.  ie white ink on white does not look all that great.

Is this an exact repeat order?  Many of our customers order the same for their stores or to sell.  We take $15.00 off the order.

Design choices

Now you have a few choices.

  1.  You can upload your own artwork.   There are two opportunities to browse your computer and submit artwork.   Make sure it is print ready.  Here are artwork requirements.
  2. Select from our clip art and add text.  This is pretty fun.  View and select the clip art you would like for the front.  Select and view the font you would like for the back.  Enter up to 3 lines of text.  We will email you a proof to approve.   You can then do the same process for the back.

If you are using option 2, you can tell us you want arched text.

If there is any part that does not make sense, feel free to hit our chat button.  We will do our best to help you get your personalized can cooler.

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