America is ready to Party!

Party America

We are seeing remarkable similarities between the 1920’s, known as the Roaring 20’s and the 2020’s.   Both start off with a plague involving serious loss of life for the country.  The Spanish Flu of the 1920’s and the Covid 19 of the 2020’s.  Each of these required masking and social distancing.

The roaring 20’s were a great time of music, fun, travel and parties.  The economy was in an upswing, and people were tired of being trapped.  We are seeing the same in the 2020’s.

America has been schooled via Zoom,  meeting through Zoom, wearing Masks, walking one way through supermarket aisles and Social Distancing.  As our government releases restrictions on mask wearing and travel, we are seeing more people travel to more places. 

Events that have been pushed off are being planned, and events in the works are being planned.  Let there be weddings, let there be graduation parties, let there be reunions, birthday parties and more.

Kustom Koozies is lucky to be part of this, we provide the koozies that allow people to have fun together.  Kustom Koozies is part of the fun industry.  We are getting more calls for Wedding Koozies than ever.  Couples are ready to tie the know and we are pulling for them.  Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are in full force.  The only real thing slowing down the Wedding industry is lack of venues.  Because everyone is ready to get married the Wedding venues are getting booked,  Couples are getting creative with different locations and ways of getting married.  Coupes re getting married at home, outside, wherever they can.

Koozies are getting more creative and having fun with the fact they events have been delayed.  We are so excited that people are using us for their events.  Business is moving along at pre-pandemic levels, and allowing us the ability to regroup and build our business back up.  

Kustom Koozies has hired back employees that unfortunately were laid off during the pandemic and has hired new employees to keep up with business.   We have built inventories up to anticipate orders coming in.  The supply chain issues are still there but we work through it.  Supply chain issues include receipt of product and receipt of colors. 

We are fortunate that we have long standing agreements and relationships with our suppliers and vendors.  This helps us meet our expectations with our customers. 

Let us know what we can do to make your party awesome!!

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