Koozies in the Fall

Koozies in Fall

Fall is a great time of year.  Weddings, Football, Hockey, tailgating, Firepits, Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner.  Cooler days and cozy nights.

Fall is when we pull out our comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts, and pull on a pair of jeans. 

Fortunately, all of these events are great for koozies.  It is like a dream come true, right?  Every bride has this vision on how awesome their wedding will be with fall colors.  Good news, most places are open, and weddings are in full swing.  More good news!  Kustom Koozies has your favorite wedding favor – Koozies!  Specifically neoprene koozies.

All hail the return of football.  College and Pro Football are in full swing.  If you don’t tailgate is it really a football game?   Inquiring minds want to know.  If you tailgate and you don’t have Koozies is it actually a tailgate?  Answer is a definitive No!  Don’t risk it.  Get your personalized tailgate koozies for your whole crowd. 

Hockey has started, nothing like a cool drink to watch hockey.  Support your team.

Firepits are the rage.  Nothing like having a bunch of neighbors over to sit around a warm fire and share stories.  Go though most neighborhoods on a Friday or Saturday night and you will see this scene.  Great times with great friends.

Halloween is one of the greatest holidays.  Originally it was for kids to have fun, but it seems the parents have made it their own.  You will definitely want some personalized koozies for your Halloween festivities.

Thanksgiving, that time of year when family gathers to appreciate each other, eat too much and watch football.  A great time for being thankful. 

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