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Are you looking for the best Beer Koozies? Greetings!   This page is designed to help people in ordering Imprinted Kustom Koozies.   We get a lot of questions, and here are a couple of the main points.   Back to our Home Page

Foam or Collapsible?
Foam is the classic and is one of our favorites.   It does keep a can cooler.   The real advantage is the surface is smoother, and will allow a finer print on the surface.   We can print Foam and Collapsible double sided Coozies.

Collapsible is more convenient.   They fold up and stick in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment, etc.   They are a nylon surface that is not as smooth, so finer designs do not   show up as well.   The Neoprene Collapsible is our most popular design.  The slim can koozie which fits Ultra’s White Claw, etc. is also very popular.

How about Wedding Koozies?
We love wedding koozies, and are fortunate to participate in in about 6,000 weddings a year.

Do I trust these guys?
A major concern when ordering off the web.   All I can say is Yes.   We have been doing this for 19 years.  Our screenprinting, art, and shipping is all done onsite. Quality control is definitely there.

How long does it take?

We can turn around in less than 2 weeks or a couple of days.    Basically, we ship your Beer KOOZIE so it gets to you on or before your due date.  As a customer you tell us when you need them.

What about artwork?   How does that work?
Art is the most interesting part.   The easy was is to use one of our samples.   You can use our clipart and change your names and dates, there is no charge.   Edit our art – change the font, combine 2 pieces, etc. there is a $20.00 art fee.   Start from the beginning, it is only $40.00 to hire our professional graphic artist.   And he knows how to do it so it will look good with Kustom Koozies.   We love some peoples creative ideas regarding art.

What is the history of KOOZIE can holders?
Believe it or not, we get asked that quite often.   College students think it would be a good term paper.   (Can you blame them, basically using beer koozies would be part of the research)   I don’t think anyone has a true history of the KOOZIE can holders.   If they do let us know, we would like to pass it on.

Do you do the Bottle Suits?
Yes we do, they make great beer koozies, and we have the zip up beer bottle holders.

What is the life span of a KOOZIE can holder?
We don’t know,   I personally have had some of my favorites since 1998.

Custom Beer Koozies
We are one of the best in producing beer koozies.  Consequently, you can design your own, and brand it or make a great favor.  You can design your own.

Send us your picture of your best koozie can coolers when you get a chance.   Send it to

Take me back to your home page!!!     I want to see samples and place an order!!!

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