The ultimate gallery of birthday can coolers.  Use this page as inspiration to design your own!!  Have a great celebration!

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Kustom Koozies is lucky to be part of so many birthdays.  We print and ship Birthday KOOZIE can coolers all over the country on a daily basis.  We do baby’s 1st Birthday can coolers on a regular basis, believe it or not.

Milestone Birthdays

The milestone birthdays are 1st,  16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, and 90th.  We have not done can coolers for a 10oth birthday party, yet.  The most popular seem to be the 40th, 50th and 60th.  It is fun to see people have so much fun with those birthdays, and truly make the most of them.

Birthday Graphics

We have tons of birthday graphics to help you design the perfect birthday can cooler.  If you start designing your can cooler, there is a category of birthday graphics. It is very easy to pick a graphic, or couple of graphics, and add your personalized information.  Name, date, and a funny or serious saying.  You can pick the font that best represents you, and you can do arched text at the top if you would like.

Birthday Sayings

I’m not 60, I am 18 years of experience
Cheers and Beers to 60 years
Thirty and Fabulous
Thirty AF
The Ultimate F-Word  Forty
If 30 sucks and 40 blows then 50 rocks
Talk 30 to me
Hello 60
Thirty and thirsty
It took 50 years to look this good
Ain’t it nifty to be 50
Happy Birthday, where’s my cake
You’re how old now
Cheers and Beers to 50 years
I’m not old,  I’m vintage, and vintage is in fashion
We also have cool things like presents, cakes, candles, balloons to decorate and design the perfect birthday can cooler.

Most people take a few of the above elements and then add whatever is popular to the birthday person, such as golf, boating, etc.