Boating Can Coolers

Kustom Koozie loves boating, we own a few boats, and fully realize a day on the water is better than any other day. We love fishing, tubing, paddle boarding, or just floating. Nothing like a great day on the water with a cooler of cold drinks, popping one out, and putting it in your insulator.

Can coolers are a great addition to your boat, put your boat name, and your body of water or port on the can cooler.

Are you a guest? and want to be assured of being invited back? Show up with a dozen can coolers for the boat owner, and you can be guaranteed a re-invite. You will definitely be the most popular person of the day.

We have a great selection of boating and fishing clip art.

Boat koozies, lake, pontoonbasket of koozies on row boat, lime greenBlack hard foam natical sailboat wedding koozie

No matter weather you have a jon boat, bass boat, paddle boat, canoe, sailboat, sunfish, offshore boat, wake board boat, or any type of fishing boat. We celebrate you!!

We can put the picture of your boat on the can cooler, and you can do it yourself using our design on line.

We have done these types of can coolers in the zip up, wine wraps, solo cup wraps, stadium cups, foam insulators, and pretty much any style.

We especially appreciate our customers who take the time out to send us pictures of their drink coolers while on the water. Makes us a little jealous, but what are you going to do.

Entering or sponsoring a fishing tournament, or a member of a fishing club. This is a great give away. Your patrons will appreciate it, and keep it on their boat for a long time.

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