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Customer Service
Customer Service

Customer Service at Kustom Koozies

There are few companies that do not make a claim to great customer service.  It is a tenant of any marketing piece, sales pitch and proposal.  “We have Great Customer Service.”
Well we at Kustom Koozies also make that claim, but we want to back it up.  
We have put a lot of thought into what Great Customer Service is and what we can do to achieve it.
In our opinion, Great Customer Service is treating people with courtesy, respect and exceeding customer expectations.  
So we then looked at what a customer would perceive as being treated with courtesy and respect, and then how could we exceed customer expectations.

We want the process of using Kustom Koozies to be a great overall experience, and we are willing to take any steps to ensure that this will happen.

Treating with courtesy and respect:

As a business, we want to make the customer feel important.  We looked at opportunities we have to treat customers well and found that communication is the number one issue.
At Kustom Koozies we have taken the following steps to ensure the customer is treated well.
1.  We answer the phone.  Seriously.  We do not have a push one for service, etc.  We answer the phone in a friendly manner and answer the phone in a manner that lets the customer know we are glad to hear from them. 2.  We return calls, if all lines are busy, and the customer goes into voicemail, we respond back within 5 minutes.  (during working hours)3.  We answer emails.  Seems simple, but our average response on replying to emails is 5 minutes during working hours.4.  We make ourselves available.  We have online chat on and ready during working hours, and often after hours.  5.  Our home page has a link to anonymously email the owner of the company with a complaint.

Key to our Success

These all seem straight forward, but they are a key to our success.  We consistently receive feedback on how nice our people are and how quickly we respond to questions.  Customers are actually surprised when we call back in 5 minutes if they had to leave a voice mail.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

1.  If a product is not going to print well due to art, layout, color combinations or any other reason, we call the customer with an option to improve their product.  It would be much easier to just print what was given to us and say “oh well, that is what you asked for”.   We stop production and contact the customer.  There are many instances where it is not until we have printed the first one that we realize it will not print well, and yet we will stop, take a picture and send it to the customer to get their opinion.
2.  We put a handwritten note in shipment box, congratulating them on their occasion or wishing them luck in their business.
3.  We email a picture of the first can cooler coming off the press, so they get to see one in action.

We want the process of using Kustom Koozies to be a great overall experience, and we are willing to take any steps to ensure that this will happen.

Customer Service

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