fantasy football koozies

Fantasy Football Koozies

Kustom Koozies has been printing Fantasy Football koozies for years with their 15 pack. Draft night is a blast with customized Koozies.

Tell us your league name and pick from our cool FFL designs. We will print and ship a 15 pack to you. No screen charge and no shipping. Just great high quality Neoprene Koozies printed with white ink.

Fantasy Football Koozies

We add new and fun designs every year. Order by August 22nd and receive by August 29th. Are you looking for a different style of Koozies or different quantities? No problem. You can design your own. You can pick any of the FFL designs and we will add them for you.

Kustom Koozies has been a leader in screenprinting since 1998.

Would you like t-shirts, hoodies, hats with your Fantasy Football League on them? Yep, we do it. Let us know and we will make it happen for you.

Nobody is sure what is going to happen with the NFL in 2020 regarding Covid. But we do know you are probably going to have a draft night, so make it happen!

You can play the official Fantasy Football League of the NFL, There are many other leagues that are easy to set up.

Fantasy Football is a virtual league where team owners or managers pick players or lines to form a team. They create a roster. There are many different variations on Leagues and they can be very in depth.

Most leagues start off the season with draft night. Draft night is where you pick your teams roster. It is usually an event with drinks and food. Draft Night should occur before the season starts. Players drafted are kept until they are either released or dropped. Once released, other teams may pick up that player.

Scoring is done a number of different ways, basically a culmination of points based on how your players do. Touchdowns, yards, interceptions all count toward your points. Each team plays other teams, mainly in a round robin format with a champion to be determined.

League managers earn team points based on their starting players’ performances in weekly NFL games. Players accumulate points based purely on their statistical output. For example, a touchdown might be worth six points while each yard passed, rushed, or carried may be worth a certain number of points, and so on. In most cases, players earn points for passing, rushing, and receiving yards, along with touchdowns.

Although kickers can theoretically score points through touchdowns or yards rushed and received, they mainly accumulate most of their points through field goals and extra points. The Team Defense / Special Teams position earns points through defensive plays (such as turnovers, quarterback sacks, safeties, and blocked kicks) and by limiting the offensive points of the opposing teams. Also, whereas points are awarded to players for positive plays, points are taken away from players for negative plays such as turnovers or missed kicks.

Standard scoring[edit]

The standard fantasy football scoring system comprises a well-respected baseline of statistic/point-value pairs designed to promote balance across the various fantasy positions.[28] This is the typical scoring configuration chosen by first time fantasy football commissioners because it is a very basic points system which is fair and intuitive for fantasy novices.

A typical standard scoring format would look very similar to this, although there may be slight discrepancies in points awarded to kickers (depending on the league host’s scoring limitations):

  • 1 point for 25 passing yards
  • 1 point for 10 rushing yards
  • 1 point for 10 receiving yards
  • 6 points for a touchdown
  • 4 or 6 points for a passing touchdown
  • -2 points for every interception thrown or fumble lost
  • 1 point for each extra point made
  • 3 points for each 0-39 yard field goal, 4 points for each 40-49 yard field goal, and 5 points for each 50+ yard field goal
  • 2 points per turnover gained by defense
  • 1 point per sack by the defense
  • 2 points for a safety by defense
  • 6 points for each touchdown scored by the defense
  • 2 points for each blocked kick.

Source Wikipedia

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