Are Koozies recyclable?

Generally Koozies are not recyclable, there is an eco Koozie that is made of recyclable pieces.  There is a company called Sugamats that accepts any item made out of Neoprene – Mainly wetsuits.  They have recycling locations in USA and Canada. for wetsuit drop offs in USA/CA

for address for mailing items.

Also, apparently when you drop your items off – you’ll get a 15% discount on their yoga mats which are made out of these recycled items.

Good for sugamats for doing their part.

Koozies recycle

There is an other option if you have an excess of Koozies.  Contact the USO and find a place to ship to our soldiers serving overseas.  Shipping is very reasonable as it is a USPS address and they don’t really care what is printed, just so long as it keeps their drink cold.

Well, that is our best answer to the question  – Are Koozies Recyclable?

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