Are Wedding Koozies tacky?

Are Wedding Koozies Tacky?  This is a question we have heard. No idea where that question comes from, because Wedding Koozies are NOT tacky. Now, done in poor taste, they can be. But for the most part, customers who order koozies for their wedding, order them in a classy manner.

We have heard from many wedding planners that one of the reasons they order is to make the wedding reception a little more upscale. All of the bottles have the same look and same design.

Customers can do monograms, their story, their picture or anything they want to print. Here are a few methods of displaying that are very nice.

wedding koozies on tablebasket of koozies on row boat, lime greenwedding koozies in basket

Some of the designs are pretty neat.  And you can put some fun sayings on them.

A few popular ones are To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold.  The vows are done, let’s have some fun.  And there are many more.

You can do a funny,  or you can do a little classier, like this.

Are Wedding Koozies tacky?
Monogram Collapsible Koozie

There are many advantages to using Koozies as a wedding favor.  They will help you remember and recall a great event.  They will help the groom remember his anniversary.  Koozies act as a coaster and help keep drip marks and condensation from being on the table.

You can go a little more fun such as this.

to have and to hold and keep your drink cold Koozie

At the end of the day, it is pretty easy to conclude that wedding koozies are not tacky.  There is a saying in the South.  “Is it really a wedding if there are not koozies?”   We at Kustom Koozies would have to agree with this assessment.  Everyone has their own opinion, but most people expect a favor, and this is a great favor.  It is personalized, can be used immediately, and will provide long term memories.