Can I order blank insulators? and how much are they?

Yes, you can.

The cost is the same as printed, there is just no screen charge. Why is it the same price and not less, you ask? Good question, our prices are real low, and we make very little profit off the product. We don’t really want to sell blanks, but we do like to keep people happy. Our customers come up with some great ideas for blanks. You can just place an order, select $0.00 for screen charge, $0.00 for art charge, Single sided printing, and we will ship out to you.

We offer blanks on foam, collapsible, wine wraps, stadium cups, bottle insulators and more. We can also make it so you can get blanks of t-shirts. We have pretty strong buying power, so we pass the savings along to you.

We buy in bulk, great for DIY’ers and screen printers.

Link to buy blank can coolers.