How are Koozies printed?

Most koozies are printed using one of two processes.  And these are considered the best methods of printing Koozies

  • Screen Printing
  • Sublimation

Screen Printing

screen printed koozies

Screen printing is where a screen is created and the design is where ink is allowed to go through the screen.  Ink is put on the koozie, and then cured in a heater at 360 degrees for one minute.  This ensures that the ink will not come off.  Screen printing is usually done with a plastisol ink and often has a bit of puff added.  Some printers use a water based ink.


Sublimation KooziesSublimation is a process where ink is reversed printed on sublimation paper with an inkjet printer using sublimation inks.  The paper is then heat pressed on to the koozie and the transfer is reversed.

There are some people who use vinyl to print koozies, the result is not as desirable




how are koozies printed

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