If I get half foam and half pocket can coolers, is it 2 screen charges?

Hard foam requires a different screen process than any of the collapsible products, so there would be a separate screen charge. (We have to produce 2 screens)

Our collapsible items are a little interesting. Wine wraps take the smallest, screen, bottle wraps are next, and neoprene and fabric collapsible allow the largest print area. We can use the same screen as long as you are OK with the smallest size print. The difference between a bottle wrap and a can wrap is about 3/4 of an inch, so you may be OK with that. We want to allow you to save money, but still want to put out a stellar product.

The good news, is that if we do need to do 2 screen charges, we discount the second. The first one is $40.00 and the second one is only $20.00 If you need to do that, just select the $20.00 (exact repeat) screen charge for your second, or even third and fourth product. Hope that helps.

Foam Print area is 3 x 3
Collapsible Print area is 3 x 3
Bottle (zip up) print Area 2.5 x 5 high
Wine Wrap Print area 1 3/4 h x 3 1/2 w