What impacts the cost of printing T-shirts

So many people want to print t-shirts, and the cost can vary greatly.  Here are a couple of items that will impact the cost of your shirts.

The shirt itself.  Pricing on shirts can vary dramatically.  We usually recommend The Gildan 500 known as the G500.  It is a very good bang for the buck.  It holds it shape, prints well, and is a good over all shirt.

The main impact on price is the number of colors and locations that are being printed.

Each location/color incurs a $25.00 screen charge to print that ink on the shirt.  What is involved in a screen charge?

So, for example,  a shirt with a pocket are print and a full back print would have 2 screen charges -$50.00

A shirt with 3 colors on the front, 3 colors on the back, and one color on the sleeve would have 7 screen charges – $175.00

Each print location is another swipe of ink, which has a cost, this cost is based on quantity.  The higher the quantity, the lower this cost.

White ink is actually more expensive to print on a garment.  Whaat??  Yep, white and light colored inks require a base to be put down so the light colored in is vibrant.  That is an extra screen or two, and an extra swipe.

Your least expensive option is a light colored shirt with a dark.  (navy blue, dark green, black) print.  And the fewer locations, the better the price will be.

UKNIGHTEDshirt screen