What is the difference between one color and Photo/Full Color/Sublimation

One color means we are putting one color ink on the product. And only one color, and does not include shades of that color. So it would be white ink, or black ink or red ink.  In the example below that is one color (white ink).
Black Friday at Kustom Koozies

Photo/Full Color or Sublimation means we are printing more than one color.  Two color, three color or full photographs.  We use a different process for this where we print on a sublimation paper, and heat press the full color image to a product.   In the picture below we have full color.

Slim can full sublimationWe mention this as full color is more expensive.   And if you submit a full color on a one color print, we will have to contact you to either pay more, or get your graphic adjusted to a one color print.  I hope that makes sense.