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Fun Nautical Sayings

Getting hitched by the Sea?  All the best to you, here are some fun nautical sayings.

Getting Nauti At [insert last name] Wedding
Sandy Toes, Always Takes Away Your Woes
Mightier Than The Waves Of The Sea Is This Love For You
We’re Hooked On Each Other
Love anchors the soul, setting sail on a lifelong voyage.
May your love be as deep as the ocean and as boundless as the horizon.
Love is the compass that guides our hearts on this nautical journey.
Together, we navigate the currents of life, hand in hand.
Like a ship at sea, we weather life’s storms and sail into a future filled with love.
Two hearts intertwined, sailing towards a lifetime of adventures.
In the sea of love, we found our perfect mate.
Let your love be the lighthouse that leads you through the darkest nights.
May your love always be as steady and constant as the tides.
As the waves embrace the shore, so do our souls embrace each other.
With every knot tied, our love grows stronger and more secure.
Love is the wind in our sails, propelling us forward on this beautiful journey.
Like seashells in the sand, our love is unique and beautiful.
Together, we set sail on the voyage of love, with hearts full of hope and joy.
In the ocean of love, we found our forever anchor.
With love as our compass, we navigate the waters of life, side by side.
May your love be as vast and deep as the ocean, and as everlasting as the tides.
Love is the captain that steers our ship, leading us to a lifetime of happiness.
As the sun sets on this beautiful day, our love rises like the moon over the water.
In the vastness of the sea, our love shines like a beacon, guiding us home.
Time To Party Your Mermaid Tails Off!
We’re ready to set sail on this new adventure together.
Anchors Aweigh
Let’s Get Ship Faced
Two Less Fish In The Sea
May our love weather any storm.
By The Salty Sea, I pledge My Love To Thee!
No Matter How Vast The Sea, Sometimes Two Ships Are Destined To Meet
We’re tied together for life, like a ship to its anchor.
We Tied The Knot
A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved Bayou
May our love be as strong as the waves of the ocean.
Love Anchors The Soul
Gonna Love You Until The Seas Run Dry
We’re sailing into the sunset, hand-in-hand.
I found my fish!
You Are My Anchor
If You Want To Know How Much I Love You, Count All The Waves In The Sea
Or In Low Tide, I’ll Be By Your Side
Got Very Ship Faced at [insert name] Wedding

We would love to put any of these sayings on a Koozie for you.

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