Fun Stuff at Kustom Koozies

We have some really cool items.  Our Wine wraps with scalloped edge is very popular.  Our slim can koozies are one of our best sellers.   You will definitely enjoy the Pint Glass, Solo Cup Wrap,  and everybody needs to keep their water bottle cool! 

These are all one color print items and can all be designed on line.


Neoprene Wine Wrap

Purple wine wrap koozie
Fits a wine glass, scalloped edge.

Neoprene, and comes in 9 colors

Slim Can Koozie

slim can koozie camo with white ink.
Fits Ultra, White Claw, Truly, etc.

Fabric and comes in 9 colors

Neoprene Glass Wrap

Neoprene Pint Glass Koozie-alcohol
Fits Pint Glass, Solo Cup, etc.

Neoprene and comes in 11 colors

Water Bottle Koozie

Water bottle koozie
Fits water bottles

KOOZIE brand and comes in 3 colors

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