Here are some ideas to show Graduation KOOZIE brand can coolers for great graduation favors.

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Graduation from high school or college is one of the great events in the life of the graduate and the families involved.  Years of work have gone into the accomplishment and in some cases it is the biggest investment in your life.  It is now time for a huge party.

Graduation quotes you can use

We have a whole page dedicated to graduation quotes.  Some are serious, as this is a very important event, and some are humorous as this is also a time for a party.

When designing your graduation can cooler, make sure you have the graduate name, the date and the place where the graduate is graduating from.  These will be a crucial keepsake for years to come, and will honor the graduate.  Parents, friends, and grandparents will all want a few to keep as a memory.

Different types of can coolers

We can do graduation can coolers in collapsible and hard foam  Collapsible koozie are either neoprene can coolers or fabric can coolers.   These are for a one color print.  We can also do full color can coolers.   These allow you to print a photograph on your can cooler.    You can use our fun design product to create your can cooler, or you can design yourself and upload to our web page.   We can also do zip up longneck bottle koozies  in either neoprene or fabric. If you may be serving drinks in a solo cup.  We have our solo cup wrap that fits solo cups, pint glasses and even mason jars.  Are you going to be serving wine?  Good news, we have our own custom designed wine wrap.  The possibilities are endless.  We would be proud to be a small part in your graduation party.

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If you have any questions, you can hit our chat button, or you can reach out to us on our contact us page.  Call us at 919-977-5350 or email us.  We will do whatever we can to make your graduation party awesome.

We also print t-shirts.


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