How to Design using Kustom Koozies Design On Line

This video created by Kustom Koozies shows you how you can quickly and easily create your can cooler design.

How to design your can cooler

Although we would like to think our process is very intuitive, not everybody thinks the same way, and understanding terms of a company is not the easiest.  For those reasons, we decided to create a quick video to make it easy to understand.

Steps to design your own Can Cooler

  1.  Pick a product you would like to create.
    1. Neoprene Insulators, KOOZIE can cooler, Hard Foam Insulator, Collapsible Insulator, Full Color Fabric, Neoprene Full Color, Fabric Zip Up, Neoprene Zip up, Slim can, Water Bottle, Solo Cup/Pint Glass Wrap, Slip On Bottle
  2. Select that product and then Pick your Color, Let us know if you would like to print on one side or both sides, and then give us the quantity you would like to order.
  3. Click on Start your Design
  4. Select Design Here Online

The fun part of designing your own.

Now comes the fun part.  You can add text.  We have a large amount of great font choices, and you can bold your text, italicize your text, center your text, and even arch or curve your text.

Then you can select clip art.  We have a great selection of clip art.  You can search by key word such as Wedding, Beach, Party, Birthday, etc.  or you can scroll down all the categories we have to look at all of our clip art within each category.  You can add different shapes, such as a box, rectangle, circle etc.  You can also upload your own graphic if you would like.

Final process of designing your can cooler

Once you are ecstatic about the design you have created, Click Process at the top right.  That will take you to check out where you can pay and give all your shipping information.

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