KOOZIE ® Can Coolers

We have many KOOZIE ® Can Koolers to fit your needs.   We have the traditional hard foam, we have the Collapsible.  Which is one of our best sellers.  This is a foldable can kooler with the KOOZIE tag on the side.  This can coolers is very convenient, and very inexpensive.  It is used quite often at trade shows and for Give Aways.  Customers buy this in large volume for large events such as concerts, bands, parades, etc.  This product can be produced in as few as a couple of days and comes in a nice variety of colors.  Lime Green, Black, Yellow, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Maroon, Green, Orange, Burnt Orange, Purple, Pink and White.

KOOZIE brand can cooler

We have the Deluxe Collapsible KOOZIE ® Can Kooler which is a slightly more robust product.  It has a tough, lightweight, leather-like exterior.  This product has a smoother surface for finer print.  It is available in Yellow, Royal Blue, Maroon, Carolina Blue, Red, Green, Burnt Orange, Black, Bright Orange, Green, Lime and Purple.  Due to the make up of the product, the turnaround is 2 weeks minimum.

All of our products come with great customer service.  You can reach us with a phone call, an email, or on our online chat.

We have a design on line service to help you create your image.   You can send your own artwork, and we will print that.

We give you a proof to approve prior to printing any order.  We are very serious about making sure you get exactly what you want.  We want your birthday party, bachelor party, custom event, wedding party, whatever the occasion to be perfect.

Time after time, we have customers who are in a rush, and get in a last minute bind.  Good news.  We can do rushes.  And as we do so often, we can do a rush that will replace what your prior vendor did poorly, or promised and never delivered.

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