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Koozie users are awesome! 11 types of Koozies

We are so thankful for Koozie users!!! They totally appreciate the value of having a wrapped drink. A koozie keeps your drink cold and tells your story.

There are many different types of Koozies

  • Foldable Can Koozies
  • Hard Foam Can Cooler this is the classic hard foam can cooler we grew up with. Still a favorite for many, and is making a comeback.
  • Wine Wrap Glass Koozie This is a beautifully designed scalloped wine wrap koozie that slices on a wine glass and allows you to drink easily.
  • Pint Glass Wrap Koozie If we had to rate our most unknown, but best received Koozie, this would be it. It fits a pint glass, solo cut, Yeti Cooler, and is just a favoriite.
  • Neoprene Zip Up Lets keep that long neck bottle nice and cool with a great neoprene Koozie
  • Fabric Zip Up Koozie Woo this fits a long neck bottle and has a great price point
  • BevBoy Cooler Featured on Shark Tank, we are the sole supplier of Bevboy in the US. This allows your drink to float in the water. How cool.
  • Magnetic Koozies This KOOZIE sticks to metal surfaces. Just stick your drink anywhere.

Nice list of options eh? These are all great ways to keep your drink cool and have some fun. So what kind of people are using our Koozies.

Types of Koozie Users

  • Partiers
    • Wedding Parties
    • Birthday Parties
    • Graduations
    • Birthday Parties
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
    • Family reunions
    • Lake weekends
    • Beach weekends
  • Marketers/Ad Agencies
    • Trade shows
    • Give aways
    • Parades
    • Roofers
    • Restaurants
    • Bars
  • Entrepreneurs – we have many customers who come up with creative sayings and designs and use us as a source to resell. They are making a ton of money.

In conclusion, Koozie users are basically fun people, and active business people.

We love how many people have a Koozie stash in their kitchen, bar, garage, boat, and car. They cannot go anywhere with out one of their favorite Koozies. They all have Koozie collections that they display prominently around their house.

Koozie users

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