Koozies and Covid

Koozies and Covid-how one impacts the other.

Covid and Koozies

What would Koozies and Covid have in common? There do not seem to be many parallels between Koozies and Covid.

Koozies are one of the coolest inventions that keep your drinks cold, and help with marketing events, busineses, and make great party favors.

Covid is a virus that causes illness ranging from common cold to more sever diseases such as respiratory diseases.

The commonalities between these two are very small. Many people have koozies and may people have Corona. Both are known worldwide.

The differences are drastic.

Covid unfortunately ruins health and takes lives. Covid has caused the shut down of businesses and has caused events to be canceled.

Koozies on the other hand, makes life better! Covid has shut down weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties, reunions, family weekends, travel, sporting events, trade shows and church services. Koozies are great favors or give aways for weddings, bachelor parties, reunions, family weekends, traveling, sporting events, trade shows and for churches.

We at Kustom Koozies are very supportive of all who have had to deal with Covid. It is a very sad and tough situation and has impacted our world greatly. Our company is one that earns their living based on events. 70% of our business is wedding koozies. When weddings go away, a significant part of our business goes away. We fully support all efforts to reduce the spread of Covid from a humanitarian and a business perspective.

Issues caused by Covid

We also face issues caused by Covid. Obtaining stock, used to be a fairly simple process. We ordered stock and it was delivered. Now, we have to try and obtain stock from a number of different suppliers, and many of them are out of stock. Factories have been shut down, and customer service has been greatly reduced.

If we make a phone call to inquire about stock, delivery or production, it most often goes to a voice mail and the call is not returned.  Companies are not able to hire people to manage customer service.  At Kustom Koozies, we have maintained the same high level of customer service.  If you call, we answer, if we are unable to answer, we call you back.  
Hiring has been an issue for suppliers and small companies.  Many potential employees make more money staying at home on unemployment than companies are able to afford.  This government action has severely restricted companies ability to stay open.  Every day, we see another business closing or limiting hours due to the fact they cannot bring in good companies.   We at Kustom Koozies have a hard time hiring top personnel.  

We are all in this battle together.  And we will come out of it OK.  It has just been a tough haul.  
We thank you everyday for your support!!

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