koozies pandemic

Koozies getting you through the pandemic

So the big question is do you have enough Koozies? Great question and one we will obviously say the answer is no. You can never have enough koozies.

koozies pandemic

Lets look at part of one person’s Koozie Collection.

Represented are Piggly Wiggly, Humor, bars, Saint Louis, Canellis, Alabama, Florida, Saturn Bar, New Orleans, Dolly Partin, Waffle House and a Wedding. Solid collection of collapsible koozies. Full color print, multi color print and full picture graphics.

Remember in the not too distant past, when you cold have company over for dinner without feeling like you would die from a virus? You would invite a group of people over to share a few drinks, and have dinner. As your guests arrived, you would share a Koozie from your collection to put on their beer. Every Koozie has a story. It may be a great trip to a fun location. It may be an event you went to, a concert, a cool bar, or your favorite sports team. No matter the story, you have to tell where you got it before you hand it out.

Your Koozies, if you are cool, are stored in your Koozie drawer. Most folks have at least one koozie drawer and in worst case scenarios, a Koozie basket, box, closet or some location with a solid grouping of Koozies from all your adventures.

Koozies, if you are living in the dark ages, are the neoprene or scuba foam insulators that go on your drink to keep it cool. They also have a number of different names and spellings. Can coolers, Huggers, huggies, cozies, and more. They have different names in different parts of the country. Their value is three fold. 1. They keep your drink cold. 2. They make a great party favor or branding item. 3. They keep condensation off your tables. And for the bonus, they help mark your drink. Your drink may be the one in the Piggly Wiggly Koozie.

So, how are koozies getting us through the pandemic? Social gatherings are now outside based on local regulations or common sense. Outside gathering while maintaining a 6 foot distance from your fellow friend is the norm. A firepit with people spread out, a driveway gathering, a large backyard porch gathering. All great times. And since you are outside, your drink will naturally warm up quicker. UNLESS you had the common sense and forethought to provide koozies.

Events are still happening, just on a smaller scale. We are seeing birthday parties, weddings, graduations and other events happening. They are just happening on a smaller scale. The Covid 19 is definitely impacting numbers and people are doing their best to protect their family and ensure safety. So, even with smaller counts of people, Koozies can be provided.

People are getting quite humorous with their koozies. They are making jokes about Pandemic, Quarantine and surviving through these times.

Koozies are still your best bet to make a good event a better event. You can order personalized koozies as a reminder of the event you are having, and they will be kept for many years. These are times we will not ever forget, and these are times we should acknowledge with a Pandemic Koozie.

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