Koozies in the news

Koozies in the news.

Koozies in the news

There are always a bunch of cool stories, with koozies mentioned. Here is a sampling of Koozies in the news.

Walmart’s Juneteenth-Themed Ice Cream Ignites Outrage On Twitter
…plate as you sip your beer in a Juneteenth Koozie?” he tweeted. Would you like some Juneteenth Ice cream on a Juneteenth plate as you sip your beer in a Juneteenth Koozie? pic.twitter.com/VCDpfOgYro — Snack Turner (@roywoodjr) May 23…
Chris Rupe🏁🏆😎☝🧢🍾
Here’s a Free Thrashed to Death Koozie (2-Pack) for your first order at Liquid Death. To accept, use my referral link: https://t.co/HYaWGZL3T9
Improve Your Cooking Skills With These Hacks! (20 PICS)
…for days. I learned this by accident and found out it’s actually a thing” “Put a koozie on your ice cream pint, keep your hand warm, and ice cream cold.” “If your cheesecake has any cracks: just “decorate” it in fruit” “Don’t have a cake dome?…
How to Experience Calgary’s Craft Beer Scene
…phone’s geo location services. If you visit three breweries, you can redeem a can koozie; if you visit 10 breweries, you’ll receive a set of two 16-ounce beer glasses. With every visit, you’ll be entered to win a grand prize of a beer weekend…
Did They Bite? Montana Graduate Makes Pitch on TV’s Shark Tank
After he kept spilling his beer, he got to work on a solution to instantly improve the ways of mankind and the Chill-N-Reel was born. Just picture a can koozie that keeps your drink cold with a hand-line fishing reel attached to one side. Sure…
Cooking on my first hiking trip – Stoves, pots and recipes.
…that nests with the pot and a homemade koozie for it, and a cup that nests also. I usually make oatmeal with raisins … boiling water, stir it up, wrap it up in the koozie and let it soak for 20-30 mins while I pack up camp or setup camp. Ill…
Electra Wired Can Holder with Koozie
A cup holder for your bike? We’ll drink to that. The Electra Wired Can Holder keeps your hands free and drink cold while you ride. It comes with a reversible graphic koozie that’s solid black inside.
Save the Date: Sleeves for Support
RICHMOND, Va. — During your next visit to McDonald’s you can pick up a new large koozie and give back to the community! It’s called Sleeves for Support. Each drink sleeve costs just $5 and will benefit the work of the Ronald McDonald House…
Acid House Hospital
Imagine you’re at a bar and you spot a handsome young guy (me) using this beer koozie for his Natural Light.. How do you open?
Acid House Hospital
What’s an item you own that, while not valuable, holds tremendous sentimental value to you
A koozie from Bogie’s in BR that my late friend gave me because it had Harambe on it. This post was edited on 5/10 at 8:51 pm
What are your favorite merch items that your league sells/provides?
I won a drink koozie as part of an MVP prize like 5 years ago maybe… I still use it every time I crack open a beverage.
Anyone else use these can coolers? love my energy drinks ice cold!
The guy who sells me tools had a deal to buy some stuff and chose any mug you want for free, ended up getting the 30oz mug, il have to see how well it works in the heat but it’s been as good as the can koozie so far!
You Need to Calm Down: A Taylor Swift Dance Party
…you on 5/12 at Trees. We can’t wait to sing, scream and dance with you! Slim can koozie is included with admission. Drink specials, costume contest, lip sync battle, and taylor swift…

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