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Do you guys have Collapsible KOOZIE Bottle Koolers?

Thanks for asking, due to demand, we have added that to our line, and it is very popular. We also have a wonderful slip on, neoprene zipper, wine wraps and stadium cups.

Sublimation T-Shirts

We have customers who want a full color print on their shirts, and the quantity is small, so doing a screen for each shirt is quite expensive.

The solution we have is Sublimation.  Sublimation is a heat process that binds the ink to the polyester fibers in a shirt.  Note we said polyester.  This comes across strong and vibrant on a 100% polyester t-shirt, and much less vibrant on a 50/50 shirt.

We provide the shirt in this process.

Sublimation shirt is $12.00 one side.  $16.00 with one side and pocket image and $18.00 for double sided.  There is not a screen charge for this process.

If you provide your own shirt, (100% polyester) the cost is $6.00 per shirt.

One important item,  Sublimation does not have a white ink.  Any white in an image is produced from the white background of the shirt itself.  Sublimation works well with white, and pretty will with light colored shirts.  Not as well with dark colored shirts.


We can do this on long sleeve, sweatshirts, ladies shirts, etc.  as long as it is 100% polyester.

How long has Kustom Koozies been in business?

We are proud to say, that we have been producing and selling Kustom Koozies since January of 1998. We have tried very hard to maintain a small company feel, even though we are growing. But we are working real hard to grow smart. In other words, we take care of our customers. Our internal motto is “Treat the Customer the way you would like to be treated”. That seems to be a great plan.

Twenty one years of keeping beers cold. We actually have one customer who has ordered from us for 20 straight years!!

What happens with re-orders?

Good news here. If you re-order within a year of your last order with the exact same design, your screen charge is only half price. Please give us your confirmation number from your previous order.

Can I order blank insulators? and how much are they?

Yes, you can.

The cost is the same as printed, there is just no screen charge. Why is it the same price and not less, you ask? Good question, our prices are real low, and we make very little profit off the product. We don’t really want to sell blanks, but we do like to keep people happy. Our customers come up with some great ideas for blanks. You can just place an order, select $0.00 for screen charge, $0.00 for art charge, Single sided printing, and we will ship out to you.

We offer blanks on foam, collapsible, wine wraps, stadium cups, bottle insulators and more. We can also make it so you can get blanks of t-shirts. We have pretty strong buying power, so we pass the savings along to you.

Can I order a sample pack from Kustom Koozies?

Absolutely, Just search sample pack and fill out our quick form. For $5.00 including shipping and handling we send you 1 printed sample each of our 3 different styles. We ship this USPS, and it will to out the next day.

I don’t have any artwork. What should I do?

  1. You can select one our graphic designs And change names and dates.
  2. Provide us a fax or detail of your request, and our artists will design it for you and let you edit it until it meets your needs. This has a $40.00 fee. (Well worth it, have you ever hired a graphic designer at $75.00 per hour? We are unable to proof artwork that is not affiliated with an order. Please place your order, then submit your artwork.
  3. You can use our design on line process and either use our stock artwork, or upload your own stock artwork to create your graphics. At Kustom Koozies we try to make it easy on you. We truly want you to get a great product.

Why are your prices so low?

We get asked this quite frequently. I think the fear is we have cheap products. Our products are great quality, and our customers love them and keep re-ordering. We have low overhead, and only do KOOZIE ® Can Koolers , so we aren’t trying to make money off of 1000’s of products. We at Kustom Koozies love what we do. We are very efficient. I get tempted to raise our prices, but would prefer many happy repeat customers.

Low prices is relevant. We have seen an influx of cheap products recently. They look great in the picture. But Oh My!! They are sooo inexpensive. Not much thicker than poster board, the print is just slapped on as quickly as possible, so missing print areas, crooked. It is embarrassing. We at Kustom Koozies will NOT sell those products.

We get calls frequently from vendors offering the cheapies. They are not something we would be proud to produce.

Can I get a proof?

Absolutely! After you place your order, you get a confirmation email immediately of the details of your order, in approximately 1 – 3 days you will receive an email with your proof to approve. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want!

If you are using our Priority Handling (Rush) you will get a proof sooner.

If I get half foam and half pocket can coolers, is it 2 screen charges?

Hard foam requires a different screen process than any of the collapsible products, so there would be a separate screen charge. (We have to produce 2 screens)

Our collapsible items are a little interesting. Wine wraps take the smallest, screen, bottle wraps are next, and neoprene and fabric collapsible allow the largest print area. We can use the same screen as long as you are OK with the smallest size print. The difference between a bottle wrap and a can wrap is about 3/4 of an inch, so you may be OK with that. We want to allow you to save money, but still want to put out a stellar product.

The good news, is that if we do need to do 2 screen charges, we discount the second. The first one is $40.00 and the second one is only $20.00 If you need to do that, just select the $20.00 (exact repeat) screen charge for your second, or even third and fourth product. Hope that helps.

Foam Print area is 3 x 3
Collapsible Print area is 3 x 3
Bottle (zip up) print Area 2.5 x 5 high
Wine Wrap Print area 1 3/4 h x 3 1/2 w

Is the Pope Catholic?

This question has nothing to do with KOOZIE® Can Koolers, but it is frequently asked, so it should be included on every F.A.Q. page you visit. Answer: As it turns out, this question is often asked sarcastically or matter-of-factly in order to imply a response in the affirmative (“yes”) since the Pope is Catholic. Thank you for looking.

What is the difference between Fabric and Neoprene?

Great question, fabric has a fabric covering and neoprene is the scuba material. Fabric fits cans well and neoprene because it stretches fits cans and bottles well.

Fabric is less expensive and is very popular for give aways.

Neoprene is our most popular for weddings.

How do I remove background

If you have a graphic artist in your back pocket, they can do this.

There are many software programs that will do this for you.

Photoshop, gimp, inkscape.

There are some online resources that will do this free.


Will do it.  (You do have to create an account)

What will you print or not print?

Ha!! We get asked this question a lot.

We will print swear words. They are most often used in a humorous fashion and are usually pretty funny.

We will not print anything:

I don’t see artwork I am looking for in the designer.

No worries!

Let us know here.

Artwork Request

Does Kustom Koozies sponsor events?

Due the type of business we are in, we get asked a lot if we sponsor events, and will give product for events.

As much as we would like to, we cannot sponsor or be a part of every event.

We are open to some type of trade if it makes sense.  We do sometimes trade partial amounts of printed materials, t-shirts, can coolers, etc. and we do that if we are recognized as a sponsor for the organization on their website. Not necessarily, Facebook pages, but an actual website.

If you have an opportunity like this,  email  [email protected] and if you would, let us know what you are looking for, and where sponsorship recognition is on your website.

Thank you for understanding.

Is there a video on how to design your product?

Yes there is,

Please find our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  We strive to answer as much as we can to make the ordering process as easy as possible.  We have designed this site to be user friendly, however we realize everybody has different needs.  Hopefully our Kustom Koozies faq’s will help you out.

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