Sanitize your koozies

Kustom Koozies will spray your order prior to delivery

Sanitize your KooziesKustom Koozies will spray your order prior to delivery.  This is an option at Kustom Koozies and is just $1.00.

We at Kustom Koozies want to make sure our koozies are safe as they head out the door to our customers.

We have also taken precautions in place to ensure that our customers and employees are safe.

We spray down all work stations at the beginning and the end of each shift.  This includes computers, screen printing equipment and any item that may be frequently touched  We also spray down all door handles through out the day.

Our employees have bandanas that they can wear during their shift.

All employee work stations are at least 10 feet apart.  Most are in separate rooms.

Walk in customers stay at front of store and we are careful about interactions with them.

Customer pick up is hands free.  Customer pick ups are available at the front of the shop, and customers can come through a door that is already open.

We are very thankful to our customers who continue to order from us during this time.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers and our employees are as safe as they can be during this environment.

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