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News from Kustom Koozies in April

Lakehouse Koozies
Lakehouse Koozies Thankfully, Covid is less of an impact and people are attending and scheduling events.  A Koozie business is based on events.  So Weddings, trade shows, sports, schools, etc. all are prime times to display your Koozie.  We are happy to see these happen  We have noticed the average order size has increased, which is due to larger events. 

Market conditions are improving.  Their is very slow improvement.  Our Supply Chain issues are slightly less, and hopefully going in the right direction.  Inflation at all levels, utilities, supplies, product is having an impact.  Prices are going up, and will increase for the foreseeable future.  We at Kustom Koozies are doing everything we can to keep costs down and make our product affordable.
We are working on getting more colors in and getting stock levels back to pre-covid levels.  
Shirt orders are increasing as there are more events going on.  We are seeing quite a few new customers.  Happy to serve you.  Ordering product is not easy.  But is easier than it has been in the past.  So again,  we are heading in the right direction. 
Specialty products are still a bit of an issue.  Usually because customer service departments have been cut down, and service is slow.  Average 2 days to respond to an email or a phone call.  In comparison, we are roughly 20 minutes at Kustom Koozies to respond to an email or a phone call.   We are still getting them takein care of, it is just a good bit more work, and from you, the end users perspective you should not notice a difference.  We recommend doubling or tripling the “production time”  If they say 10 day production time.  Give it 30 days minimum. 
We look forward to continuing another year of serving up great Koozies for our customers.

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