The BevBoy features a revolutionary technology that allows your drink of choice to float in water without tipping over or spilling. Imagine relaxing in a pool and having to awkwardly hold your drink the whole time while trying not to spill. The BevBoy offers the ultimate solution to that problem: let your drink float right next to you all by itself!   We can take your graphic and image on either front, back or both sides.   This will float perfectly.

The BevBoy is a two-component product consisting of:

A traditional foam can cooler that will keep your beverage of choice nice and cold
A weighted polypropylene arm extension that balances the weight of the beverage, keeping your drink upright

Simply place your beverage of choice (we recommend using 12oz cans or 12oz/16oz plastic cups) inside the can cooler and gently place the BevBoy in the water. Your drink will float and won’t spill.

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The BevBoy will work great with standard 12oz cans and 12oz/16oz plastic cups. We recommend you take a sip out of the can before placing it in the BevBoy. With plastic cups, don’t fill your cup to the very top. We recommend filling the cup equal to the top of the BevBoy’s can cooler.

Bev Boy Customized
Bev Boy Original
bevboy at the lake

Bev Boy Customized

17 great colors!!!

The Bevboy was featured on Shark Tank!   In this episode, Kevin Waltermire presented the Floating Can Cooler.     In this episode, Kevin managed to get a deal with Daymond John to keep his project going.   Kustom Koozies is proud to be the producer of this great product.   You can order in small or large quantities.   It has been an extremely popular product as it works well, is useful, and is fun to have at parties.   Our customer base for this is pool owners, beach house owners, and folks who just enjoy a good time near a body of water.

We are happy to be the printer and assembler of this great can cooler. Order with confidence and enjoy.