Submit Your Koozie Artwork

Submitting art or
To submit your own artwork: attach your art in the order form using our designed by Kustom Koozies.  If you have specific fonts please attach the font or email the fonts to us.

If you want to mail your art, send a crisp, clear sized black ink on white to:
Kustom Koozies
3125 Gresham Lake Road, Suite 105 .
Raleigh, NC   27615

All copy & artwork submitted by the customer will be accepted by Kustom Koozies, Inc. as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, patent, copyright, right of privacy, or similar protection. Kustom Koozies, Inc. will be held harmless from all claims and cost arising from these issues. Any logos contained on this site are not for sale and are not an endorsement from their owners, nor do we offer any endorsement of their owners. By placing an order, we reserve the right to use any overruns for digital media, print media and/or product samples illustrating our printing capabilities.

Which artwork do I select?   Good question, depends on your needs.

I only want text:   Yes, text is art.   You can have us do the text for you.   We will charge you $20.00 for this.

Type of art

We accept tif, .pdf, gif, or .bmp files. and prefer Adobe Illustrator files.   Corel Draw files are very desirable. If you are uploading on our design online we accept .jpeg, .gif, .png and .swf files, and they should be 300 dpi or better.  Files taken off the internet, do not work well.  They are low resolution, so they load quickly and the quality is very poor.   Just because it looks good on your computer screen does not mean it will look good printed art..   The design must be black and white with the black representing the ink area.

All fonts should be at least .25″ tall.  Smaller than that and they will fill in.  Lines should be no thinner than a .078″ stroke.


Print out your art on your printer prior to sending it to us..  If you see jagged edges, extra dots, etc.  That will show up on your KOOZIE ® Koolers and look very poor..  Screens and shades of gray do not work well.   If it does not fit into

Shown below are examples of acceptable and unacceptable files. It may help you to print your artwork and compare your image with the following examples.

artwork good artwork bad

artwork bad 3 artwork good 2

Screens and halftones are not recommended.   If artwork is not clean or sized correctly, we will return it.   We are unable to proof artwork that is not affiliated with an order.   Please place your order, then submit your artwork.


Product Print Area
Foam 3 1/4″ (h) x
3 1/4 single side
3 1/4″(h) x 8 3/4″ (w) double side
Collapsible (fabric and neoprene) 3″ (h) x 3″ (w)
Neoprene Zipper Bottle 2 1/2″ (h) x 2″(w) back (zipper side) – 3″ (h) x 2.5″ (w) front
Neoprene Solo Cup/Glass Wraps 3 ” w x 3″ h
Slip on Bottle 2 3/4″ (h) x 3″ (w)
Wine Wraps 1 3/4″ (h) x 2.5″ (w)
Stadium Cups 3″ (h) x 3″ (w)
4-Color Process Collapsible KOOZIE ® Can Kooler 3 3/4″ x 5″
4 Color Collapsible KOOZIE ® Can Kooler 3″ x 2 1/2″
The Original KOOZIE ® Can Kooler 4 color print 3 3/8″ x 3 7/8″
Slim Can Collapsible Fabric Insulators 3 1/2″ (h) x 2 1/2″ (w)

Key point!!  In screenprinting, the black area is the screen color and the white (background) is the printed product.  You can indicate any of our ink colors that you would like, just make sure the image you send us is black and white.  Here, the Text and graphic would be the ink color. .

We hope this helps.   We just want to make sure you get the best possible product.

Submitting 2, 3 and 4 color images

Printing multi color requires multiple screens, one screen for each color So the way it works, is either you need to be able to provide the color separations as shown below, and select I am providing my own separations. We accept tif, .pdf, gif, or .bmp files. and prefer Adobe Illustrator files.   Corel Draw files work well also. We will need the size to be 2 3/4″ (h) x; 3(w). If you cannot do color separations select, I do not have Separations ($40.)

This is an example for a two color print. The first art is all the black, the second is all the red. the third is the finished print, so you would provide three graphics. Each graphic would be black when submitted even though it represents a different color. In a three color print you would provide four graphics.

red separation black separation

finished print