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Bevboy Floating Can Cooler.

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Beverage Boy

The BevBoy is a two-component product consisting of: A traditional foam can cooler that will keep your beverage of choice nice and cold.

A weighted polypropylene arm extension that balances the weight of the beverage, keeping your drink upright.

Simply place your beverage of choice (we recommend using 12oz cans or 12oz/16oz plastic cups) inside the can cooler and gently place the BevBoy in the water. Your drink will float and won’t spill..  You are sure to love our foam coolers.

Official provider of custom printed Bev-Boy.


bevboy at the lake
Comes in Blue with the Bevboy logo on it. Shipping and handling on this product is $3.99 each.  Buy it here.

Weight 1 oz

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