Blank KOOZIE’s can coolers

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Order your blank can coolers here.  Select type you would like, colors and quantity.  It is pretty easy to do.  First, select the product you would like,  second select the color you would like.

Minimum order of 10.  So if you want 10 of one color and 10 of another, just add them both to your cart.

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Order your blank KOOZIE can coolers here.  We have KOOZIE brand, and other brands available for you.   You can purchase the Fabric Collapsible, neoprene Collapsible, Hard Foam KOOZIE® can cooler,Fabric Zipper Bottle, Neoprene Zipper Bottle, Solo Cup Wrap, Wine Wrap, Slim can or Slip on.

blank koozies

You can order all of our products printed.  Sidenote,  we have many customers realize that the time and cost for printing themselves is really not worth it, so they just ask us to print.  All of our products are here.

We ship out of our location in Raleigh, NC.  Shipping usually occurs in a few days.  If there is to be a delay to due stock issues, we will definitely let you know.

We buy in large enough quantities that we are able to pass on savings to you.  So feel free to purchase blanks from us.


Weight 1 oz

2 reviews for Blank KOOZIE’s can coolers

  1. Robert Mindspring

    Exactly what we were looking for, the price was right, and timing was great. Thank you!!

  2. Christopher Smith

    Nothing but the best from kustom koozies!, Quick delivery, price was great, super super easy to deal with and.. AMERICAN made!

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