Hard Foam Insulators Designed by Kustom Koozies

From $4.13

The easy way to design your hard foam can cooler.  You can either attach your artwork or select the graphic you would like and give us your text. Just scroll down and fill out the information.  Give us your product color, ink color etc.

14 days including weekends turnaround with no rush fee for this product.Kustom Koozies Foam Insulators.   Buy custom can coolers printed with your logo, party theme or personal design.  This is one color print only.

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Hard foam with a little help from your friends:

  • Insulated foam, superior cooling
  • 3/8 inch thick
  • Sturdy Foam Base
  • Print area 3 1/4″ (h) x 8 3/4″ (w) or 3″ x 3: per side.
  • Design it yourself or add your own graphics
  • The more you buy the less expensive per piece.
  • Customize it with your company logo or your favor information.
  • The all round classic.  Fun a weddings, birthdays, parties – Wedding KOOZIEs

This is the old time favorite.  It holds a can so well, is very stable, and has a long life with superb cooling ability.

This comes in 18 colors.  And is a crowd pleaser.

Black, Forest Green, Purple, Natural, Lime Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Teal, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Gray, Orange, Light Blue and Coral.

This product can be printed one side, two sides or as a wrap.  A very cool and fun item.  Foam Insulators are the ones that can be stacked which is a plus.  There are many glasses that will fit perfectly in the hard foam insulator.


hard foam Kooziehard foam koozies

You can buy them printed or you can buy them blank.  Most people purchase this printed, but we do have people who do their own craft products and buy them blank.  They like getting them to add glitter, sewing or for other fun crafts.

This product is used in the shower, to protect from shaving cream stain, and the hard foam has many other uses.  It has a small hole in the bottom to eliminate suction so you can remove your can.

We have some wholesale customers who use these at their shops.  Thus, they love them because they sit nicely on the shelf, and their customers really like them.   Therefore, they sell great at beach shops, surf shops, marinas and restaurants on the water.  These are the sturdy stand up Can Coolers