Slim Can Neoprene Collapsible Sublimation Cooler

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Slim Can Koozie Collapsible insulators.  Foldable.  Perfect for those slim cans.  When you have to have slim can coolers, you just have to have them. Full color print on this product.  This means we can do logo’s and full prints.

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Neoprene Slim Can Koozie

The Neoprene full color Slim Can Koozie is foldable and perfect for those small cans when nothing else fits.  When you have to have slim can coolers, you just have to have them.

Print logos, full pictures, whatever you want!  Slim Can Coolers come in 8 great colors.  Black, Dark Green, Lime green, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow and Camo.

Very easy to design.  You select your color, select the number of sides you would like printed.  (You can have different designs on each side).  Then start designing.    There are thousands of graphics to choose from and tons of great fonts.  You can pick whatever design elements you would like, and make it your own.  Going camping? Golf weekend?  Boys Weekend?  Vegas Trip?  No problem, you can design the perfect slim can cooler for you.

Slim can fits perfect on cans and look very stylish,  If you like slim can drinks, these are a must have.  Perfect as a wedding favor, or bachelor party favor.  The cans fit inside wonderfully and they are very comfortable to hang on to.

Imprint Area:
3 1/2″ (h) x 2 1/2″ (w)

This is full color

This is a big seller among the boating communities.  We have a number of marina’s and lakeside and ocean side restaurants that stock these regularly.  Grocery stores also buy them to display outside the coolers where White Claw and Truly are sold.

We stock these and always have a great selection.  Feel free to order and know we will provide a great print and great service.  Kustom Koozies is proud to offer these.  We think you will love them.

Production Time: Can be 1 week with rush fees. Normal 14 days.

slim can koozie2 slim can koozie

Slim can koozies have become popular for a few reasons.

Firstly, they are designed to fit around slim cans, such as those used for energy drinks and certain types of alcoholic beverages, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. This has created a demand for koozies that fit these specific can sizes.

Secondly, slim can koozies are often made from materials that are more durable and long-lasting than traditional foam koozies, such as neoprene or stainless steel. This makes them more attractive to consumers who want a product that will last longer and can be reused multiple times.

Finally, slim can koozies have also become popular as a fashion accessory or statement piece, with many different colors and designs available to choose from. They can be customized with logos, patterns, or messages, making them a popular item for events, parties, and gatherings.

Overall, the popularity of slim can koozies can be attributed to their functional design, durability, and versatility as a fashion accessory.


How are full color koozies printed?

Sublimation. Sublimation is a process where ink is reversed printed on sublimation paper with an inkjet printer using sublimation inks. The paper is then heat pressed on to the koozie and the transfer is reversed.

Sublimation will allow you to print full color logos and photographs.

What is the difference between scuba foam or Fabric and Neoprene

Great question, fabric has a fabric covering and neoprene is the scuba material. Fabric fits cans well and neoprene because it stretches fits cans and bottles well.

Fabric is less expensive and is very popular for give aways.

Neoprene is our most popular for weddings.

neoprene versus fabric koozies

Can I use copyrighted material?

We do not take responsibility for obtaining permission to reproduce logos, trademarks, and copyrights.  By agreeing to print the artwork you submitted, you, the customer are taking responsibility for any copyright infringement issues under any circumstance.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to working with you.

Where are you located?

Our Screenprint shop is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have been there since 1998.  We have a 6,000 square foot facility and tons of stock to meet your needs.

Mailing address:

Kustom Koozies
3125 Gresham Lake Road
Raleigh, NC 27614

What is the difference between one color and Photo/Full Color/Sublimation

One color means we are putting one color ink on the product. And only one color, and does not include shades of that color. So it would be white ink, or black ink or red ink.  In the example below that is one color (white ink).
Black Friday at Kustom Koozies

Photo/Full Color or Sublimation means we are printing more than one color.  Two color, three color or full photographs.  We use a different process for this where we print on a sublimation paper, and heat press the full color image to a product.   In the picture below we have full color.

Slim can full sublimationWe mention this as full color is more expensive.   And if you submit a full color on a one color print, we will have to contact you to either pay more, or get your graphic adjusted to a one color print.  I hope that makes sense.

Do Koozies Really work?

Great question.   That question needs to be broken into three sections.

1.  Do they keep your drink cold?  Yes.  See this article.

2.  Do they keep your hands warm?  Yes, they keep your hands from touching the cold drink.

3.  Are they a great party favor?  Yes people use them for weddings, birthdays, graduations, reunions, etc. And they are very popular.

4.  Are they good for Branding?  Yes,  Koozies work as a great branding promotional item.  they are inexpensive, and stay in the customers hands for a long time.

So, to sum up,  Yes, they really work on all fronts.   Koozies really work.

do koozies really work