What is a screen charge for screen printing.

shirt screen
Screen for shirt printing.

T-shirts and Koozies are screen printed, meaning ink is pushed through a screen in the right places to put the ink on the T-shirt or KOOZIE. Screen printing is a tedious process. Multiple coats of emulsion are put on both sides of a screen, then it is stored to air dry in a dark environment. Then a black transparency (positive) is printed in the dark room. This positive is placed on the screen. The screen is then burned in an exposure unit. Then the screen is sprayed with water to remove the emulsion in the non-exposed portion. This leaves the area that ink can go through. The screen has to dry again. Then it is taped and ink is put on it. After the ink is put on the product, and the job is finished, the screen is cleaned. This is a chemical process and requires using a power washer. This is for each job.