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Seven Most Impressive Wedding Koozies to Make the Event Memorable

When planning a wedding, there are so many personalized items that a person can get. Besides the usual personalized cocktail napkins or matchbooks, there are now all sorts of creative ideas for wedding souvenirs. One thing that everyone loves to take home is an item that will be useful and not just sit on a shelf gathering dust. People seem to come up with new ideas for wedding favors all the time. One idea that has been catching on is the wedding koozie.

You may not be aware of this trend, but there are now personalized koozies available for wedding favors. Not only do they serve to keep canned or bottled beverages cool and your guests’ hands dry during the reception, but they are something that you can be sure will be used over and over again. Besides being imprinted with names and dates, these koozies can be decorated with anything meaningful to the couple.

Don’t forget, personalized koozies can be imprinted on two sides and the bottom, and they don’t have to display the same thing. Below are some ideas for wedding koozies to help you get started. Besides different koozie colors and colors for the imprint, there is a myriad of typefaces available. You can also submit a design you came up with on your home computer. Just ask the supplier what type of file they require for this.

Monogram – If you have a kind of monogram on your invitations, why not carry the emblem over to your koozie choice? Koozies are available in all sorts of colors these days, even pastels, and you can surely find a color that fits right in with your wedding colors and displays the monogram proudly. In addition, the monogram and color choice can add a touch of class to the koozie.

Seasonal – Many people choose koozie colors that go with the season in which the wedding will be held. You can also choose an emblem or design element for one side that further emphasizes the season, along with any text you wish.

Wedding Koozies

Full-Color Imprints – Koozies don’t always have to be one solid color. In fact, it’s now possible to print a photo-like image all over. You can submit a photo of a place that is special to you, whether it’s the new house you plan to move into, the place you met, or just a place in the park that you both like.

Portrait – What could be more personal than a portrait of the two of you? It can be a full-color imprint of your favorite photo, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a friend that is good at drawing people in pen and ink or even caricatures, why not take advantage of his skills? You could even suggest that this could serve as his wedding present to you.

Location – If you both live in your hometown or are being married there, why not choose a symbol that will emphasize the locality? You can also choose the town’s slogan, a drawing of a significant building that everyone will recognize, or anything that will remind guests where you come from.

Special Interests – If both of you like a certain activity or sport, why not celebrate this fact on the koozie? Whether you both love golf, dogs, hunting, kayaking, science, books, or anything else that comes to mind, you can display it on the koozie. If the two of you are close to fanatical about separate activities, you can print one activity on each side. Either way, the koozie will say more about you.

Humor – Don’t forget your sense of humor. You can include a funny saying, a limerick, or another amusing poem. Anything that expresses a part of your personalities is great on a koozie. After all, koozies are mostly used for entertaining, so let that fun part of you come out and be on display in the future.

These are just a few of the possibilities that will enable you to provide memorable wedding favors for your guests that are sure to be used for a long time. Let your imagination go where it will. There are as many different ideas as there are personalities. Be sure to let you and your intended’s personalities shine through. It will make the koozies all the more personal. Other than your names and the date of the wedding, the possibilities are nearly endless. Don’t fret if you come up with more ideas than will fit on the koozie. After all, you have a lot of anniversary celebrations to look forward to, and you can always save an idea for one of those.

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