Staying open during Coronavirus

Kustom Koozies realizes this is a serious matter.

We also have customers who really need or want products.  We have taken the following actions.

  • Our customer service is off site.  We have all calls, and chats forwarded to an employee working from home.
  • Our staff all work in separate rooms and only come in as needed.
  • We have spray and wipes located at all work stations.
  • Walk ins stay in a designated area, and we communicate more than 10 feet away.
  • We spray each order
  • Washing hands!!  We wash our hands frequently through out the day.

Thank you to all of our customers who are being so understanding.  We have had customers who have asked us to print different dates on the back of their koozies.  We have had customers who have not printed a date.  We have had customers who have ordered to mail to all those who will be attending via some other form.  Zoom, etc.

We have maintained, that we will stay open during Coronavirus as long as Fedex is delivering.

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Follow Kustom Koozies on Facebook

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