T-shirts & Embroidery

Most people think of our Koozies, but we do a lot of t-shirts and embroidery.

Kustom Koozies is known nationwide for printing Koozies and can coolers, many do not know that we have a t-shirt screenprinting operation and embroidery operation. We can do shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, etc. Our prices are very competitive. Let us print and embroider for you.


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Order many styles of t-shirts


Embroider hats and shirts

Lets us know what you would like embroidered.

As a t-shirt printer, we can print almost any style of t-shirt. We print and embroider on all of the following t-shirt brands.

  • Gildan
  • Comfort Colors
  • Anvil
  • North End
  • Rawlings
  • A4
  • Hanes
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Ultra Club
  • Harriton
  • Russell Athletic
  • Under Armour
  • Jerzees
  • Core 365
  • Columbia
  • Fortress
  • Canvas
  • Taylor Made
  • Augusta
  • Tie-Dye
  • Dickies

We print and embroider on T-shirts, performance shirts, Polo shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, hats, tank tops, tie-dye, athletic pants, sweat pants, outerwear, and masks. We have a pretty good selection of styles and colors at our shop. Many customers come in and like to touch and feel them to see which is the best for them.

Our T-shirt print and Embroidery

We have multiple presses and can do up to 6 color prints on your garments. We can print front, back, sleeves, long sleeves, collar, pocket area. Pretty much anywhere you would like us to print on a garment.

We can embroider on polo shirts, hats. shirts, etc. Let us know how we can help you.

We have a full dark room, two exposure units, one of the larger wash out booths, and multiple sets of drying racks. We have platens for T-shirts, Hoodies, sleeves, long sleeves, sweat pants, youth wear, masks and hats.

We have a full set of inks to print on 100% cotton or poly wear. If you have specific pms colors required, we can order your pms color and house it for you. We do charge you our cost for this service, and save your colors under your name.

We often get asked how pricing is done for screen printed items. In a nutshell it is like this.

  • $25.00 screen charge per screen *
  • Cost of shirt**
  • Print charge***

*Each color and location is a different screen. For example, if you have two colors on the front of a shirt, and two colors on the back of a shirt. (not the exact same design) That would be 4 screens or $100.00. The more colors you have the higher your cost is going to be. If you are ordering 1,000 shirts that $100.00 is fairly minimal. What is a screen charge?

**We usually order shirts for the customer. Good news is we order a lot of shirts, so get a pretty substantial discount and pass that on the customer. We will print garments provided by the customer. Most of our ordering comes from Alpha Broder

*** We charge a fee based on printing each color and location. So to print two colors on the front and two colors on the back, would be 4 print locations. And, if you are printing light colors on dark shirts, we charge an additional fee. To bet great print coverage on dark shirts, we either have to put down an underbase, or print the color multiple times.

You can do a quick estimate here.

We offer a full service graphic arts department. We can take your design in most any format and convert it into a vector image. A vector image is an image that will print extremely well, and can be increased in size without losing resolution. Our graphic art department can do color separations, sizing, and basic graphic manipulation. We can often create a design from start to finish. Many of our designs are from customers who send us an image of something they like and we go from there.