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T-shirts for Contractors

Kustom Koozies does tons of T-shirts for Contractors.  Plumbers, Construction Companies, Landscapers, Electricians.

We do it all.  We can screen print or we can embroider.

t-shirts for contractors

Many of our customers want performance t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts.  Then they will want crew sweatshirts or hoodies for the cooler months.  We can help with a logo, or use your existing logo.

Worried about cost?  No worries.  We are on average 25% less than Customink, and our quality is awesome.

We have a Cost Estimator.  You can select the style shirt you would like, the quantities and where you would like your print, and it will give you a no obligation estimate.

You can also request a quote, and we will get a quote to you.

How is pricing calculated?  Cost of shirt, then each color/placement has a screen charge and a print charge.  Basically the more colors you have the more expensive our shirt will be.  A shirt with one color on the front will be less than a shirt with 4 colors on the front and 4 colors on the back.  We do our best to reduce the cost of your shirts.   Light colored shirts with dark print are less expensive than dark colored shirts with light colored print.  Reason?  Light colors need to be printed 2x each to get good coverage.  100 light colored shirts with Dark ink would be $6.45 each.

We also do embroidery, so if you have some polo shirts that you would like your logo on for meetings, or hats you would like your logo on, we can do that also.

Embroidery costs.

$30.00  There is a $30.00 digitizing fee.  This is the fee to convert your graphic into a stichable format.  This is a one time fee.

Cost of garment or hat.  That varies based on what you are looking for.  You can look at our supplier website,

$13.00  embroider for each garment.  This is an approximate cost based on lower volumes and a basic 3.5 inch pocket stitch or hat stitch.

This gives you an idea of costs.

Landscaper t-shirts

shirts for your team

TT11 Short sleeve performancG500 T-shirtG185 Hoodie



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