Have and hold slim can koozies

The best wedding koozies for your celebration.

All the best of times. The question has been asked, and the answer is Yes!! Years and years of happiness in your future. Lets get you the best wedding koozies.

Now comes the fun part. Planning the big Wedding. There are so many things to plan. The venue, the reception, the guest list, the food, the flowers, the drinks, the Honeymoon. Transportation to and from the events, the bachelor party, the bachelorette party. Good times and many decisions. One of the most important, (in our humble opinion) is the wedding favors. Wedding favors are usually the gift that the bride and groom give to their guests as a thank you for attending and a reminder of the wedding. Picking the right wedding favor is key.

May we suggest Koozies! Koozies have a number of distinct advantages as a wedding favor.

  • They are personalized
  • They can be color coordinated
  • They are usable at the reception
  • They have a long life
  • They are portable
  • They can help you remember your Anniversary.

Here are some of the Best Wedding Koozies

best wedding kooziesSarah and drew 300funny wedding koozieoff the market kooziesHave and hold slim can koozies
Wedding PartyTwo States UniteDrunk on LoveOff The MarketSlim can
There are so many different styles of Koozies.

We offer many different types of wedding Koozies.

Our Neoprene collapsible Koozie is our best seller. it folds nicely and is made of scuba material, it stretches to fit on cans and bottles.
Our Fabric Koozies, fold up and have a lower price point
Our Sublimation Koozies allow full color graphics
Slim Can Koozies, fit White Claw, Seltzers, Ultras, etc.
Pint Glass Wrap, fits solo cups, pint glasses, Yeti coolers
Wine Wrap, fits on a wine glass!!
Hard Foam, the traditional stand up Koozie

Neoprene Collapsible KoozieCollapsible Fabric InsulatorFabric Collapsible Full Sublimation Kooziessublimation slim canSolo cup Koozie yeti cup, pint glass6 27 wine wrap blackHard Foam Koozie
Neoprene KooziesFabric KooziesSublimation KooziesSlim Can KooziesPint Glass WrapWine WrapHard Foam

Lets talk about designs. We have tons of great designs to fit any of your moods. You can design your own using our free graphics.

Getting HitchedEat, DrinkHave and Hold Collage DrinkFree BoozeAlcohol Salad
2 Less FishDeer antlers3Palm Moon2Have Hold Hearts Beer3Save the date

This is a small sampling of the tons of wedding graphics we have available. You can select a design and add your names, dates, and information. We will send you a proof to approve before we print. We want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

We feel we can give you the best wedding Koozies in the world. We have been a part of over 7,000 weddings, and love every one of them.

Kustom Koozies has been in business since 1998, and we take pride in running our business the way we would like to see it run. We look out for the customer. Our mantra is “Treat The Customer The Way You Would Like To Be Treated”. What does that mean? We try to offer improvements to finished product when we can to make it a great experience. If we have questions, we reach out and contact you. We send you a proof to approve to make sure everything is right. We want the right color product, the right color ink, the correct quantity, and perfect graphics. We want to treat the customer right.

If you want to call us, you do not need to push ! for Sales, etc. We answer the phone. If all lines are busy, we call you back!! How about that? If you email us. We reply to you. If you reach out on chat. We answer the question. These seem to be all basic ideas. But it is how we like to run our business.

At Kustom Koozies, we are delighted that you selected koozies as a favor, and we want to make sure you get the Best Wedding Koozies. If you want promotional products we can help with that too.

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