Tips for picking the perfect koozie

Tips for picking the perfect Koozie

There are so many events, occasions and reasons for ordering Koozies, and there are so many different Koozie styles, it is tough to know which one to pick. Well, we have been in the business since 1998, so we have a little experience. This is our cheat sheet for picking the perfect koozie.

Perfect Koozie options

OccasionType of KoozieReason
AnniversaryNeoprene KoozieYour anniversary is a very important event, and you want a koozie that people will keep. We highly recommend the Neoprene Koozie. It is a top quality favor that will last and make long term memories.
BarNeoprene Koozie
Zip Up Koozie
Pint Glass Wrap
If you are a bar owner, and are looking for branded koozies, there are a few great options. The Neoprene Koozie is popular. Many bar owners really like the Zip up koozie that fits a bottle. Breweries and bars that serve draft beer really like the Pint Glass Wrap. The Pint Glass Wrap fits perfectly on a Pint Glass
Bachelor/BacheloretteNeoprene Koozie
Wine wrap
Sublimation Koozie
A bachelor or bachelorette party is one of our favorites. The neoprene is popular. The Wine Wrap is popular for more elegant Bachelorette events. The Sublimation koozie is often used because you can put full pictures on it. Customers will put funny or embarrassing pictures with some funny lines. As a company we really enjoy the humorous ones.
Beach TripNeoprene Koozie
Hard Foam
Neoprene again, and the hard foam koozie is popular is more stable, and can stand up on the beach.
BirthdayNeoprene Koozie
Birthday parties are very important events. The neoprene koozie is the go to for this.
ChristmasNeoprene Koozies
Hard foam
Christmas koozies are often the neoprene and often the hard foam.
Cinco De MayoNeoprene KooziesWe have a lot of great clip art and the neoprene koozie is the most popular koozie.
Fourth of JulyHard Foam
Bevboy Floating Koozie
Fourth of July is the biggest week of the year at Kustom Koozies. We print and ship all over the country. The Hard foam and the Bevboy floating koozie is many popular for this All American holiday.
FuneralNeoprene Koozie
Sublimation Koozie
We are always surprised at how many customers want koozies for a funeral. They usually prefer either the neoprene or the sublimation koozie. The sublimation koozie offers the opportunity to print a photo of the deceased and often a reminder of what the loved. Motorcycle, boats, cars, family are popular.
Golf WeekendNeoprene KooziesThe neoprene koozies is the go to for the golf weekend, or guys weekend. It is portable, and your drink will easily fit in the drink holder on the golf cart. We have a lot of fun golf images to design our own.
HalloweenNeoprene KoozieHalloween is becoming the biggest holiday of the year. The neoprene koozie is extremely popular for this holiday. As Halloween parties get more popular, a koozie is a great favor, and we have a lot of really cool Halloween graphics.
NauticalHard Foam
Bev Boy Koozie
The hard foam is great on boats. The Bev Boy is popular as it allows your drink to float. And the design is awesome. This was first showcased on Shark Tank.
New YearsNeoprene Koozie
Wine Wrap
New Years parties are great for party favors. New years parties usually use the Neoprene koozie and wine wraps.
Political Give AwayCollapsible KooziesPoliticians want to give a koozie that is less expensive. The collapsible koozie is less expensive and a a great give away.
Retail StoreNeoprene
Hard Foam
Zip up Bottle
There are a lot of retail stores that sell Koozies. They are very profitable. They often go with the hard foam, the neoprene koozie or the zip up bottle koozies.
ReunionsNeoprene KooziesThere are two main types of reunions. The Family reunion and the class reunion. Both are a great for the Neoprene Koozie. The display nicely, are portable and make a great favor.
St. Patrick’s DayNeoprene KoozieThe neoprene koozie is perfect for the St. Patrick’s Day party. WE have some great St. Patricks Party graphics so you can design your own.
TailgatingHard foam
Neoprene Koozies
Pint Glass Wrap
Tailgating is a great time to have have a Koozie. The hard foam ones are great for setting your drink down. The Neoprene ones fit in your pocket very well. The Pit Glass Wrap fits a solo cup perfectly.
Thank You GiftNeoprene Koozies
Wine Glass Wrap
Neoprene Koozies have great value, and tell people you care. The WEine glass wrap is a great way to provide a cool way to keep your wine glass cool and protected.
Trade ShowCollapsible KoozieThe collapsible koozie has a really good price point and the quality is great.
WeddingNeoprene KoozieThe neoprene koozie is the absolute must go to for Weddings. It is a very high quality koozie that will stand the test of time.

Hopefully, this list will help you in our decision. You may notice we favor the Neoprene Koozie. This product is so well constructed, it has a smoother surface for better print and is extremely popular. Customers rave about what a great product this is. Picking the perfect koozie should not be that hard.

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