Why is there a fee for shipping residential?

Shipping fees have increased greatly. The shipping companies offer a much better rate for commercial delivery so we want to make sure that is available to you. If we ship to a home, we are automatically charged $4.75, so we have to pass that along.

Do Koozies Really work?

Great question.   That question needs to be broken into three sections. 1.  Do they keep your drink cold?  Yes.  See this article. 2.  Do they keep your hands warm?  Yes, they keep your hands from touching the cold drink. 3.  Are they a great party favor?  Yes people use them for weddings, birthdays, graduations, reunions, …

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Are Wedding Koozies tacky?

Are Wedding Koozies Tacky?  This is a question we have heard. No idea where that question comes from, because Wedding Koozies are NOT tacky. Now, done in poor taste, they can be. But for the most part, customers who order koozies for their wedding, order them in a classy manner. We have heard from many …

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What are Koozies used for?

What are koozies used for? Great question.  Koozies, considered the greatest invention of all time, serve a number of uses.  Primarily they are used to keep your drink cold.  The insulation keeps your drink cold.  Do they actually work?  According to a study done by The Smithsonian, yes they do. That being said,  what are …

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How are koozies printed?

How are koozies printed? Most koozies are printed using one of two processes.  And these are considered the best methods of printing Koozies Screen Printing Sublimation Screen Printing Screen printing is where a screen is created and the design is where ink is allowed to go through the screen.  Ink is put on the koozie, …

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Are Koozies Recyclable?

Generally Koozies are not recyclable, there is an eco Koozie that is made of recyclable pieces.  There is a company called Sugamats that accepts any item made out of Neoprene – Mainly wetsuits.  They have recycling locations in USA and Canada. https://www.sugamats.com/recycling/  https://www.sugamats.com/recycling/ for wetsuit drop offs in USA/CA for address for mailing items. Also, apparently …

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