What is the best Koozie Material?

best koozie materialWe are a little biased, but our customers feel the same way.  Neoprene is the best material for Koozies.  Neoprene Koozies are made of scuba like material.  Why is this so good you ask?

  • The neoprene material is the same as what is used for wetsuits.  So it stretches a bit and goes back into shape.  This product fits cans and bottles very well.
  • The sewing is on the side, so it lays flatter.
  • The material is smoother than other materials, so a finer design can be printed.
  • It is very durable.

Scuba foam, (which is a fabric material) is the second best, it is a little less expensive, so is great for a give away.

Hard foam is still popular, and then there are the alternative offerings, leather, wood, steel, etc.

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  • dd7970c1c2f620325bf73b615e505486?s=32&d=mm&r=g Mia Evans says:
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    Thanks for pointing out that neoprene material is the same as the one used in wetsuits. With that in mind, I will be choosing this for the Trump coozies that I plan to buy as favors for the party I will have next week. It will be a fun and unexpected souvenir for guests, and it would make the event a memorable one.
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