Koozies in Weddings

Wedding Kustom Koozies Make a Great Favor

· The Groom will remember your anniversary!
· Your guests will keep and use them for years to come.
· Rush service available. 1 week turnaround
· Great prices and great turnaround.
· Gold and Silver Metallic ink colors available.
· We have great wedding graphics to choose from.
· We do not miss wedding deadlines!

Hello Brides, and Grooms

It is crucial that Kustom Koozies be on time, look nice and that everyone has a great time. Here are some great shots sent in from our customers.

Koozies in Weddings

We have the webs greatest selection of wedding graphics already set up. You can put your names and dates in and you are ready to go.

Wedding KOOZIE cooler ideas.

  • Put rice in little bags in your KOOZIE cooler
  • Put candy in your KOOZIE cooler
  • Put flowers in your KOOZIE cooler
  • Put a drink in your KOOZIE cooler (for the groom :))
  • Stack them on a table in a pyramid
  • Put them in a goody bag.


koozies in weddings


What is the actual process for ordering Kustom Koozies? Click here for Basic KOOZIE cup ordering Process.

We offer both traditional foam coozies and collapsible coozies. Each are printed with a slightly different methodology. Feel free to email artwork for us to look at to determine if it will work for doing your KOOZIE cooler. Feel free to email us with other questions.

When you get comfortable with us, Order Today Order Kustom Koozies online right here. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Paypal or you can mail a personal or business check.

Pick one of our KOOZIE cup wedding, birthday, etc. designs, or Special Event art and just change the names and dates, there is no charge. A coozie makes a great wedding favor. If you want us to create your artwork there is a minimal charge. If you want us to completely design your piece, we can do that very reasonably.

New Services
· You can order in small quantities. Minimum order of 15, but you can order 16, 100, 500 or 1000.
· We offer better than 3-week turnaround.
· We have 3 levels of artwork. (See Submitting art for information on that.)

We work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied and want to be long-term customers with us. We have had customers use our services for their bachelor parties, their weddings, the birth of their child, their birthday and holiday parties. This is all the same customer! And it has happened on more than one occasion. We do appreciate the repeat customers we have. And we are proud to be able to offer affordable Kustom Koozies. Want to save a little money on your order? Click here for hints on how to save money on your KOOZIE cup order.


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