Looking for inspiration on displaying your wedding koozies?  Here are some great ideas.  You can create a beautiful impression at your wedding reception.  Here are some clever ways to display favors.

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It is a great question, How do I display our wedding Koozies at the reception?  There are a couple of different thoughts on this and it is entirely up to you.

On the Table

It is really neat to put your Wedding KOOZIE on the table at the reception.  This way distribution is already done, and everything is set up for your guests to have one for each person.

At the Bar

The alternative is to have them nicely displayed at the bar or at a table near the bar, this way people can see them, and grab one or two.  The pro’s to this is you can have a more “elegant” display.  The cons to this is that you will need to point your guests to this to get theirs.  And, once they have taken them the display value is gone.

Either way, your guests get a great wedding favor.    And their wedding favor will be personalized with your name, date and event location on them as a long lasting memory.

Many people use their Wedding KOOZIE as a holder for rice bags, snacks, or other fun items.  So it becomes dual purpose.  A Can cooler/favor and a holder for another item.

Hopefully these images of other bride and grooms displays will inspire you.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would send us an image of your wedding favor display and we would post it here for everyone to see.

An easy way to do that is to email a picture to julie@kustomkoozies.com  or post on our facebook page shown above.  Either way, you can help another couple with your beautiful display.