Wedding Koozies – small cost of the wedding.

At Kustom Koozies we are fortunate to be a part of many weddings, —  approximately 6,000 weddings a year.  Wedding Koozies are a great party favor.

We went to look at how much a wedding costs.  Fortunately there is a website called Cost of Wedding that has a ton of interesting information.  We can boil it down for you.

$33,000 – Average Wedding Cost in the United States.  This does not include the honeymoon.

Most couples spend less than $10,000, but there are some extremely expensive ones that raise the average cost.

How are the costs broken down?  According to Nerdwallet

Wedding cost

wedding koozies cosst

As you can see Gifts and Favors is a fairly small cost.  When you break out wedding favors, as an individual cost it is even less.   The average amount spent on Wedding Favors is $245 and 80% of couples send money on this item.  We are glad about doing our part to keep that cost small.

The cost of a wedding can quickly climb as you visit different providers.  There is always a more expensive venue, package, cake, ring, etc.  And in the back of your mind, you are always thinking,  “I am only going to do this once, might as well do it right.”

At Kustom Koozies, we do our best to keep the cost of Wedding Favors down.  We recommend our Neoprene coolers for weddings as they print very well, they are of great quality, and they stretch.  So they will fit either cans or bottles at the reception.  We also provide 100’s of free wedding graphics that can be used and changed to fit your needs.  You can go quirky, classy, fun or romantic.  We have graphics for any type.  Or you can create your own, and we will be happy to print whatever you want.


monogram wedding koozie

The monogram is a very popular style.

Destination weddings are great opportunities to provide fun wedding koozies.