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Why are Wedding Koozies so absolutely awesome?

At Kustom Koozies, we are fortunate to be able to be a part of over 6,000 weddings per year. Wedding Koozies are the bread and butter of our business.

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Wedding Koozies make the perfect wedding favor as they can be so personalized. Each wedding is different and special, and we want to make sure your favor fits your personality. We have tons of free graphics available for you to personalize your own. You can cobine different graphics and you can put one on the front and one on the back. No matter how you design it, it will be perfect.

WE only use top grade material for our Koozies. We have seen some of the cheap ones, and frankly they are an embarrassment to our industry. Our Koozies are ones you will be proud to give out at your reception.

We print using screen print or sublimation. Our images look great, and are clean, centered and clear. It is important that you get a great product. We want you to be proud of your koozies. You will have so much fun visiting your friends in the years to come and seeing your personal wedding koozies.

Our design process is made to make it easy for you to create your own. Rest assured that even after you set up your design and submit it to yous, we will send you a proof to approve prior to printing.

We are one of the top ranked wedding koozie companies in the country. We do a couple of things differently. We actually care about your order of Koozies. If we see a way to improve your order, we will do our best to do that. If you have a question, we will do our best to answer. We have a great FAQ page, we have live chat, you can email us, or give us a call. When you call us, there is not a Push 1 for Sales, Push 2 for Accounting. There is a friendly person there to answer your question. If you leave a message, we will call you back. Our motto is “Treat the customer the way you would like to be treated.”

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